• Ça Décale (2022)

    Chloé Musa

    France // 5 min.

    An immersion into the kaleidoscope of a colorful party.

  • Ashkasha (2022)

    Lara Maltz

    Argentina // 6 min.

    Ashkasha is a living being guided by curiosity. This causes her to lose her head and get trapped in the depths, where is submerged on a discovery journey.

    - Selections:

    Festival Intenacional De Cine De Terror De Valdivia, 2023, Chile

    Ibizacinefest, 2023, Spain

    Hator Hator Horror Fest, 2022, Spain

    Bai De Fest, 2022, Spain

    Sitges Festival Internacional De Cinema Fantàstic De Catalunya, 2022, Spain

    Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival, 2022, Belgium

    Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, 2022, Belgium

  • Yesno (2022)

    Antonio Amaral

    France // 8 min.

    Surrealism meets up with Crumb for a coffee and takes a long walk through Crazytown.

  • Oneluv (2022)

    Varya Yakovleva

    Russia // 10 min.

    Strangers come to visit the home of a young couple. Taking advantage of the hospitality of the hosts, the unexpected guests push the couple to do rash things, which leads to the destruction of the established order and harmony within the family.

    - Selections:

    23rd edition Lucania Film Festival

    - Awards:

    Grand Prix 2023 Animafest Zagreb Award Winners

  • Le bain (2022)

    Piera Fontaine

    Belgium // 3 min.

    She is in her bath, when suddenly he comes out of her mouth. He's a doodle in human form, others are joining him. She can't scream. They arrive and take up all the space.

  • Drunk (2022)

    Nikita Meshcheryakov

    Russia // 4 min.

    Confessions of a person suffering from alcoholism. Based on works made by Paul Klee.

    - Selections:

    Athens Animfest 2023

  • Canto Negro – Lando Lavarra (2022)

    Adrián Vega D'Mente

    Cuba // 3 min.

    A cimarrón, settled in the tranquility of the palenque, enjoying his privilege as a revered black by his people, recalls the moment of his escape. The scene of the mayoral's pursuit with the dogs is presented, how they catch up with him, corner him and attack him. The providential help of the Orishas, ​​protective gods of the African people, protect, bless and free them from their shackles. The runaway has to decide between facing or continuing to flee from his oppressor.

    'Canto Negro' is a song of Changotrap performed by Lando Lavarra.

    - Selections:

    Bogotá Music Video Festival, 2022, Colombia

    Buenos Aires Music Video Festival 2022, Argentina

    2nd FIC Rio International Film Festival, 2022, Brazil

    - Awards:

    Special Mention FESTI FAMMA, Colombia

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