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  • 130 Hermanos

    Ainara Aparici

    2022 // Chile // 74 min.

    In Costa Rica, the family of Melba and Víctor has sheltered over 130 children in the last 40 years. Today, some of them seek paths to adulthood while a new child is integrated into this great family with the adventures and difficulties of a home that continues to multiply despite the parents' next old age.

    - Selections:

    BCT - Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione di Benevento, 2023, Italy

    Baños De Agua Santa International Film Festival, 2023, Ecuador

    Kalakari Filmfest, 2023, India

    Houston Latino Film Festival, 2023, USA

    Festival Internacional De Cine Icaro, 2022, Argentina

    Festival De Cine Austral, 2022, Argentina

    Diorama International Film Festival, 2022, India

    Djarfogo Cine-Fest International Film Festival, 2022, USA

    Festival Internacional De Cine Por Los Derechos Humanos , 2022, Colombia

    East Northeast International Film Festival (Newburgh) New York, 2022, USA

    Centre Film Festival (Pensilvania), 2022, USA

    Muestra Internacional de Mujeres en el Cine y la Televisión, 2002, Mexico

    Festival Internacional del Audiovisual para la Niñez y la Adolescencia “Kolibrí”, 2022, Bolivia

    FIFAC - Festival International Du Film Documentarie Amazonie-Caraïbes, 2022, Guayana Francesa

    Festival Internacional de Cine Religioso de la Argentina , 2022, Argentina

    The Hollywood First-time Filmmaker Showcase, Lift-Off Global Network, 2022, USA

    Buenos Aires International Film Festival, 2022, Argentina

    London Lift-off Film Festival , 2022, England

    The Histories and Film Festival in Rasnov , 2022, Rumania

    A. M. Ortigia Film Festival, 2022, Italy

    Sugar Loaf Film Festival, 2022, USA

    Lane Doc Fest, 2022, USA

    TRT Documentary Awards, 2022, Turkey

    Des Moines Latino Film Festival, 2022, USA

    Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, 2022, USA

    - Awards:

    Premio del Público - Riverside International Film Festival, 2023, USA

    BEst Inernational Documentary - Cinemaking International Film Festival, 2022, Bangladesh

    Best Script - Cinefem International Women's Film Festival, 2022, Uruguay

    3rd Prize - Chicago Latino Film Festival , 2022, USA


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