WEDNESDAY 16th // 19:00h

  • Women on a Roll (2022)

    Alma Tabernero

    Paises Bajos // 20 min.

    Women on a Roll is a short documentary that travels through the past, the present and the future of the roller skating culture in the city of Amsterdam through the eyes of women skating at iconic places in the community. In a cinematic style, we explore the feeling that women experience while practising this urban sport and how the public spaces have been redefined to accommodate this reviving trend.

    - Selections:

    Festival De Cortometrajes Visualízame. Audiovisual&mujer, 2023, Spain

    International Film Estival Zoom-Zblizenia, 2023, Poland

  • Memórias do Fogo (2022)

    Rita De Cássia Melo Santos; Leandro Olímpio; Irineu Cruzeiro Neto

    Brazil // 8 min.

    For many of the indigíneous people, not always the fire can be dominated. Going through a history marked by fascination, greed, destruction and revolt, the fire associates itself in all the world's oprimited people fights. What is left when everything turns into ash?

    - Selections:

    46ª Festival Guarnicê De Cinema (São Luís, Ma, Brazil, 2023)

    11° Ferfilm - International Film Festival (Ferizaj, Kosovo, 2023)

    15 º Entretodos - Festival De Curtas-metragens De Direitos Humanos (São Paulo, Sp, Brazil, 2022)

    35° Cinélatino - Rencontres De Toulouse (Toulouse, France, 2023)

    1° Mofin - Mostra Do Filme Independente De Ouro Preto (Ouro Preto, Mg, Brazil, 2023)

    “Autumn In Voronet” International Film Festival, Rumania

    XIV Cinecreed (Pernambuco, Brazil, 2022)

    2° Fic Pangeia - Festival Internacional De Curtas (online, 2023)

    2° Erronka Munduan - Reto Por El Mundo (San Sebastián, Spain, 2023)

    8° Planeta.doc - Festival Internacional De Cinema Socioambiental (Florianópolis, Sc, Brazil, 2022)

    IV° Curta Na Serra - Festival De Cinema Ao Ar Livre (Bezerros, Pe, Brazil, 2022)

    5º Zabrinsky Festival Internacional De Cine (Mosquera, Colômbia, 2022)

    III Encuentro De Cine Del Putumayo (Mocoa, Colômbia, 2022)

    XXII Festival Internacional De Cine Arqueológico Del Bidasoa (Irún, Spain, 2022)

    12º Festival Internacional De Cortos Ernestro Esteban Etchenique (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2022)

    1° Festcinejp - Festival Internacional De Cinema De João Pessoa (João Pessoa, Pb, Brazil, 2022)

    Vi Doc-ket Festival De Cine Documental Emergente (Quito, Ecuador, 2022)

    12° Festival Internacional De Cortos Ernestro Esteban Etchenique (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2022)

    2° Festival Internacional De Cine Anarquista De Lima (Lima, Peru, 2022)

    Cine Mis 2022 (São Paulo, Sp, Brazil, 2022)

    Aiff - Amity International Film Festival (Noida, India, 2022)

    2° Festival Internacional De Cine - El Cine Suma Paz (Bogotá, Colombia, 2022)

    12° Festiver - Festival De Cine Verde De Barichara (Barichara, Colombia, 2022)

    23° Cinelebu - Festival Internacional De Cine De Lebu (Lebu, Chile, 2023)

    4th Screen - Online Film Awards (Online, 2022)

    6° Fecsta - Festival De Cinema De Santa Teresa (Santa Teresa, Es, Brazil, 2023)

    41° Lasa - Latin American Studies Association (Vancouver, Canada, 2023)

    6° Fibav - Festival Inter-barrial Audiovisual (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2022)

    13° Daupará - Muestra De Cine y Video Indígena en Colombia (Bogotá, Colômbia, 2022)

    7° Cine Pojichá - Festival De Cinema dos Vales do Mucuri e Jequitinhonha (Teófilo Otoni, Mg, Brazil, 2023)

    2ª Ecos - Mostra De Cinema Ambiental (Mamanguape, Pb, Brazil, 2023)

    2° Docluanda - Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental (Luanda, Angola, 2023)

    International Festival Of Ethnological Film, Serbia

    2° Return International Film & Art Festival (Weimar, Germany, 2022)

    21° Muestra Internacional De Cortometrajes Jujuy/cortos (San Salvador De Jujuy, Argentina, 2022)

    8º Fccj - Festival Curta Campos Do Jordão (Campos Do Jordão, Sp, Brazil, 2022)

    IV Mostra Clandestina - Raiz Cainana (Goiás, Go, Brazil, 2022)

    11° Festival Internacional Sembrando Cine (Lima, Peru, 2023)

    3° Kffss – Kursaal Film Festival San Sebastián (San Sebastían, Spain, 2022)

    3ª Mostra Latinoamericana De Filmes Etnográficos (Natal, Rn, Brazil, 2022)

    - Awards:

    Mención Honorífica - III Festival Internacional De Cine Independiente Extramuros (Concepción, Chile, 2023)

    Mención Honorífica - 9° Censurados Film Festival (Lima, Peru, 2023)

    Mejor Montaje - 2° Vicine - Festival De Cinema De Viçosa (Viçosa, Mg, Brazil, 2022)

    Mejor Documental - 3° Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Cine Mundo 2022 (General Fernández Oro, Argentina, 2022)

    Mejor Documental - 1° Campinas Film Festival (Campinas, Sp, Brazil, 2022)

    Mejor Película - 13° Lanaff - Latino & Native American Film Festival (New Haven, United States, 2023)

    Mejor Documental - 2° Tamecine Fest - Festival De Cine De Támesis (Támesis, Colômbia, 2022)

  • El último viaje de Geocruiser (2023)

    Pascual Marín Marina

    España // 16 min.

    In December 2020 Pascual Marín Marina (Photographer) and Carlos Álvarez Zamorano from León make a route through the forests of Boñar (Spain), there in the mountain they are surprised by the presence of a bus with a chimney from which smoke comes out and with the legend "Geocruiser".

    Pascual publishes several photos on social networks and Fay Victoria Durrant (current owner of the bus contacts him); After an investigation they discover that the bus was commissioned by the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge (The Institute Official Culture) to the well-known English artist Nils Norman and financed by the British Art Council.

    We located him in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and interviewed him; we also spoke with Fay Victoria on her farm in Boñar with her partner, the also Englishman Jon Leth, who currently reside on the bus and where Fay Victoria raised her daughters (who are now adults and live in England) with an unconventional concept of life and close to nature; We find the story very interesting and decided to make a documentary.

    Two interviews with Nils and several trips to Boñar bring us closer to this incredible story of a bus that in 2001 was a work of art (public sculpture) in Cambridge (England) and that travels throughout Europe with ecological messages; and a few years later it becomes the home of a family in the forests of Boñar, in León, (Spain). The story of the journey of a bus in search of a dream.

    - Selections:

    Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Luna De Cortos, 2023, Spain

  • Shirampari: Herencias del río (2022)

    Lucía Florez

    Peru // 16 min.

    In one of the most remote places in the Peruvian Amazon, an Asheninka boy must overcome his fears and catch a giant catfish with just a hook to start his journey to adulthood.

    - Selections:

    Sundance Film Festival, 2023, USA

    IBAFF – Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia, 2022, Spain

    Shorts México - Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes, 2022, Mexico

    SUNCINE Film Festival Barcelona, 2022, Spain

    SPEKTRUM Film Festival, 2022, Poland

    Lima Alterna Festival Internacional de Cine, 2022, Peru

    Chicago International Film Festival, 2002, USA

    DOC New York City, 2022, USA

    DOX Leipzig Festival, 2022, Deutschland

    - Awards:

    Mejor Documental - Amazônia (FI)DOC Festival PAN-Amazônico de Cinema, 2022, Brazil

  • Wiwa (2022)

    Adrián Rivera

    Ecuador // 12 min.

    This short film documents the evolution of Antonio, an artisan who, through the process of transforming steel into knives, has also transformed himself.

    His process of change and his new beginnings in the Ecuadorian Amazon are the heart of this short film called Wiwa: a Kichwa word wich means "animal".

    - Selecctions:

    Guayaquil International Film Festival 9na Edición, 2023, Ecuador

    Festival Internacional Cine en las Montañas, 2023, Colombia

    Cinema4Screen Film Festival, 2023, India

    - Awards:

    Mención Honorífica - Desde Los Extramuros Del Mundo, 2023, Chile

    Mejor Documental - Pacific International Film Festival, 2023, Canada

  • Cowboys da Amazônia (2023)

    Nelson Augusto & Ricardo Teles

    Brasil // 14 min.

    The short documentary portrays the life of cowboys in the Amazon, presenting different perspectives from people involved in cattle ranching. The film highlights the dream of many cowhands to ride a bull in São Paulo and perhaps one day in the United States, as well as the importance of having a conscious look at the environment and animal welfare. The production brings unfiltered images of the cowboy's work routine in the Amazon region.

  • It’s just a burning memory (2021)

    Mario Alejandro Arias

    Spain // 14 min.

    Decades after that first romance. After that mistake that cost him everything, the anthropologist will receive a letter in his mailbox. An invitation to a funeral. With it, burning memories will resurface, memories of an idyllic past, of a far away country, of her… now he must choose. Leave his current life, return to the land in the mist and heal old wounds… or stay in the life he forcefully chose, and live with the doubt of what could have been.

    - Selecctions:

    Festival Márgenes, 2022, Spain

    Curtocircuito- Festival Internacional de Cine, 2022, Spain



    THURSDAY 17th // 19:00h

  • Bienvenido Mr. Banksy (2022)

    Carlos A. Quirós

    Spain // 86 min.

    At the end of August 2017, the neighbourhood of Canido, in Ferrol (Galicia-Spain) made a worldwide call in the media, leaded by Edu Hermida, for the most famous urban artist, Banksy, to participate in the event of the year in the small town: The Canido’s Meninas Festival.

    This film recounts, through the words of the festival’s promoter, the enigmatic events which took part in Canido during the four years following the event. As Hermida himself says: “it’s is a mystery-comedy film at the same time, because it is superberlanguiano. How the hell is Banksy going to come to Canido to paint a mural?"

    - Selections:

    Censurados Film Festival, 2023, Peru

    Festival Internacional De Cinema De Cerdanya, 2022, Spain

    Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, 2022, Australia

    Documentamadrid, 2022, Spain

    24 Risas Por Segundo, Festival De Cine y Comedia, 2022, Mexico

    Open Place International Film Festival, 2022, Letonia

    Standalone Film Festival & Awards, 2022, USA

    Festival Internacional de Cine Documental Doca, 2021, Argentina

    Festival Internacional de Cine de Ourense, Spain