• Wuqiao Circus (2020)

    Lukas Berger

    Germany/Austria/China/Portugal // 14 min.

    In Wuqiao, a small Chinese city, the inhabitants are engaged in the circus. For decades generations have presented themselves as clowns, magicians, acrobats and trainers. During the Spring Festival holidays, the Wuqiao Acrobatic World becomes a large playground for spectators. Surrounded by Buddha temples and Taoist sculptures, the artists create their own space of circus tradition, imagination, illusion and reality. "Circo Wuqiao", a film about fragments of circus life, performative existence and the love of play.

    - Selections:

    17th VIS Vienna Shorts Festival, Austria, 2020. Special program "Film Art Love"

    31st Cinemagic International Film Festival for Young People, UK, 2020

    27th International Independent Film Festival Publicystyka Ireneusz Rad, Poland, 2020

    34th Braunschweig Internacional Film Festival, Germany, 2020

    2nd Asian Film Festival Los Angeles Hollywood, USA, 2020

    74th Festival Internazionale Cinema di Salerno, Italy, 2020

    34th Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media, Germany, 2021

    41st Brussels Independent Film Festival, Belgium. 2021

    - Awards:

    Jury’s Choice Award - 40th Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival, USA, 2021

  • Great emptiness (2020)

    Emre Dorter

    Turkey // 8 min.

    Billions of people around the world have been physically isolated and captive by the Covid-19 pandemic. On the verge of reshaping the ways in which we represent, affect and perceive urban space, we need to recognize, define and assume this great void that we face. "Great Emptiness" reveals the unprecedented desolation of public spaces within the megacity with its selection of archived drone footage. From roads to parking lots, from airports to train stations, from the Bosphorus to Istiklal, the lack of activity and fluidity that shapes the urban space encloses a strange look at the familiar. Human presence; invisible, but undeniably present. The notion of justice, including climate justice, is more readable in megacities; Socio-economic injustices are fundamentally linked to cultural or symbolic injustices. Looking down from a bird's perspective during the confinement clearly shows segregation, even in the absence of people strolling the streets. Aerial imagery can serve as an unbiased analytical device to interrogate urban conditions. On the other hand, the feeling of the city during the quarantine period evokes Lautréamont's poetry in which we "live" a spectacular reality in a very surreal impression. As a general paradigm in the broad spectrum of social existence, when the irreducible materiality of the human body fades, the city becomes "a cat" without a witness, none of us can be sure whether it is alive or dead. If we are given the opportunity to testify, we know that Istanbul is there, awaiting the resurrection of its citizens. Human presence; invisible but undeniably present.

    - Selections:

    Milano Design Film Festival

    World Architecture Festival (WAF)

  • Schatten Fressen (2020)

    Ulrike Korbach

    Germany // 20 min.

    Anke Ames is an artist. In particular a musician. Accordion, violine, but mainly the viola. Her music polarizes by being improvised, an more an expression of her feelings than written for the entertainment of her audience. Likewise bulky is her poetry. Her texts are about her disease, a bipolar, manic-depressive disturbance, about her stays at a psychiatric clinic, mania, depression. Or they are declarations of love to her husband, life or music. Her relationship towards people close to her she calls „devouring shadows“. She absorbs everything negative, off the others, and transforms it to art. Her role is that of a scapegoat, black sheep or a draughthorse. That drives her into depression. Or into mania, which is something very beautiful, if it would not be intoxicating. In this documentary we follow the thoughts of the artist, get enchanted or disturbed by her poetry, her music or pictures.

    - Selections:

    Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival, 2021, USA

    London Arthouse Film Festival, 2020, United Kingdom

    Festival De Cine De Los Llanos, 2020, Venezuela

    Mostra De Cinema Imprópria, 2020, Portugal

    Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival, 2020, Russia

    - Awards:

    Best script, Austin Arthouse Film Festival, 2020, USA

  • Pasaje de ida (2020)

    Víctor Augusto Mendívil

    Peru // 14 min.

    This is the story of Don Rafael Castrillon, a master toymaker with more than fifty years of experience and a former Mr. Peru in bodybuilding. His story is a one-way ticket towards the manufacture of the traditional (incomplete) wooden toy.

    - Selections:

    Dili International Film Festival, 2021, East Timor

    Festival Internacional De Cine L'hiff – Barcelona, 2021, Spain

    Wallachia International Film Festival, 2021, Rumania

    Festival Internacional De Cine Documental Acampadoc, 2021, Panama

    Serenity Screenings, 2021, United Kingdom

    Festival Internacional De Cortometraje Uvaq, 2021, Mexico

    Osaka International Film Festival, 2021, Japan

    Afro Civilization, 2021, USA

    Construir Cine, 2021, Argentina

    Muica - Muestra Itinerante De Cine Africano, 2021, Colombia

    Kalakari Film Fest, 2021, India

    11th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, 2021, India

    Festival Internacional De Cine De Taxco, 2021, Mexico

    Festival Internacional De Cine De Tequila, 2021, Mexico

    Stir And Fry International Short Film Competition, 2021, United Kingdom

    Halifax Black Film Festival, 2021, Canada

    Aao Creative Collective Indian Short Film Festival, 2020, India

    Lift-off Global Network Sessions, 2021, United Kingdom

    Festival Nacional De Cine De Huánuco, 2020, Peru

    Festival De Cine De Los Llanos, 2020, Venezuela

    - Awards:

    Jaguar Emergente, Festival de Cine de Europa de Lima, 2021, Peru

    Best documentary, Festival Internacional De Cine De Tepic, 2021, Mexico

    Best documentary, Filmhaus Berlín, 2021, Germany

    Second Best documentary, Festival De Cortometrajes Parwarimun Muhu, 2021, Peru

    Best documentary, Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente desde los Extramuros del Mundo, 2021, Chile

    Best documentary, Latinuy, 2020, Uruguay

    Special mention, Patagonia Media Festival, 2020, Argentina

  • Todos caminamos (2020)

    Ricardo Valenzuela Pinilla & Mario Rojas

    Chile // 15 min.

    Blondie is a Chilean street rapper who shares his work in the Santiago subway. His rhymes, traveling in wagons throughout the city, outline the reality of the capital's slums, where drugs and violence coexist with hopes and dreams.

    - Selections:

    Fecich, Festival De Cine Chileno De Quilpué, 2021, Chile

    Docsvalparaíso | Festival Internacional De Cine Documental, 2020, Chile

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