• Peckinpah Suite

    Pedro González Bermúdez

    2019 // Spain // 70 min.

    Peckinpah Suite gets close to the director of The Wild Bunch through the gaze of his youngest daughter, Lupita Peckinpah. Lupita was only a child when her father passed away in 1984. However, his figure has always been present in her memory. Lupita has accompanied a TCM troupe to Livingston, Montana, where his father spent his last years, to share experiences and memories about a man who has inspired all kind of legends. A film genius who revolutionized the art of film editing and how to shoot violence on screen; a tempestuous director on the set and also in his personal relationships, but who, under his public figure, hid much more unknown facets.

    - Selections:

    24o International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA. 2020, Poland

    Indocumentari - Festival De Cine Documental De Sabadell, 2020, Spain

    45o Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2021, China

    16o Flickers' Roving Eye International Film Festival. Rhode Island, 2021, USA

    Ciclo 'Cine y Cineastas' Sala Berlanga. Fundación SGAE Madrid, 2021, Spain

    - Awards:

    Special Mention, 2o. Certamen Internacional de Largometrajes de Zaragoza, 2020, Spain


    WEDNESDAY 11th // 17:30h

  • Ecos

    Tommy Llorens

    2020 // Spain // 88 min.

    Echoes is a film of love, of a sincere love, of a silent love, of a lost love, of a rising love, of a dying love, of a love without fear.
    Those six loves coincide in a time and a place, on 02/22/2022 on the island of La Palma. In an endless afternoon.

    - Selections:

    Asti Film Festival, 2021, Italy

    Cinequest Film & Vr Festival, 2021, USA

    Festival Internacional De Cine De Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, 2021, Spain

    Madeira Film Festival, 2021, Portugal

    Capri, Hollywood - The International Film Festival, 2021, Italy

    Bogotá International Film Festival, 2021, Colombia

    Palma De Mallorca International Films Infest Festival, 2020, Spain

    Festival Internacional De Cine Rengo – Fecir, 2020, Chile

    Anatolia International Film Festival, 2020, Turkey

    Lusca - Festival Internacional De Cine FantÁstico Del Caribe, 2020, Puerto Rico

    - Awards:

    Best feature international film, Patagonia Media Festival, 2020, Argentina

    Finalist, International Film Festival Bucovina, 2020, Ukrania

    Best Sci-Fi Feature Film, Istanbul International Short Film Festival, 2020, Turkey


    WEDNESDAY 11th // 20:30h

  • Las palabras también tienen ojos

    Clara López Cantos

    2020 // Spain // 61 min.

    Words also have Eyes. The Possibilities of Poetry: Dionisio Cañas is the title of this documentary, and also a quote from the book Memoirs of a voyeur (2002) by Dionisio Cañas. It is a metaphor that represents the hypothesis of this film, which is built on a poetic basis that leads to a biographical space. Linear story-telling was avoided for the sake of the author’s poetic evolution, to set out the poetic-visual imaginary reproduced in the film; a work that delves into his look and, more specifically, into the evolution of the expression of his language, which was born from a more formal kind of poetry and expanded over time into the artistic field. In parallel to the creation of this film, I carried out a practical and theoretical analysis and research of the poetic language in the audiovisual medium, in the documentary-essay format, developing the configuration of my personal language as a director.
    Dionisio Cañas is a poet with a long career in traditional poetry; he is a bridge between Europe, USA and the East, and a pioneer in Spanish videopoetry, an increasingly popular format. For this work, it was essential to study the poet’s early stages in video experimentation, through which he got to understand the development and the paths in which his work has branched out, so perceiving its inclusion in visual poetry: the poem disengages from its traditional support to expand into other territories, and the video turns into a tool connected to the poet’s look, ultimately culminating in action.

    - Selections:

    The Filmy Monks Film Festival, 2021, India

    Festival Mundial De Cine De Veracruz, 2020, Mexico

    Maldito Festival De Videopoesía, 2020, Spain


    THURSDAY 12th // 17:30h

  • Non-living (La Desvida)

    Agustín Rubio Alcover

    2020 // Spain // 87 min.

    Alex and Natalia Dunn are a successful modern couple living in a sparsely populated corner of Spain. Followers of the theory of de-growth, they have achieved remarkable worldwide success as authors of children's stories. But their lives are shattered when they lose Jonah, their only son, just before his tenth birthday.
    Five weeks after the fateful afternoon when the child's condition worsened and he was rushed to hospital, they return for the first time to their former home, albeit for different reasons: Natalia, to pack the basics and move on alone and Alex, to convince her to reconsider that decision.
    The discovery of a message from Jonah, who invites them to follow a series of clues, disrupts their plans and tests their nerve. What follows is a descent into a parental hell in their desperate, irrational struggle to snatch back their plans and tests their nerve. What follows is a descent into a parental hell in their desperate, irrational struggle to snatch back their son from the clutches of death.

    - Selections:

    Semana De Cine De Lugo, 2021, Spain

    Lecyt - Festival Cine Y Televisión Reino De León, 2021, Spain

    BCT - Festival Nazionale Del Cinema E Della Televisione Di Benevento, 2021, Italy

    Fantaspoa Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantástico de Porto Alegre, 2021, Brasil

    Diorama International Film Festival, 2020, India

    Madriff • Madrid Indie Film Festival, 2020, Spain

    Festival Transterritorial De Cine Undeground, 2020, Argentina

    Festival Internacional De Cine De Terror De Valparaíso, 2020, Chile

    Mostra De València, 2020, Spain

    Fimucinema – Fimucité, 2020, Spain

    - Awards:

    Premios De Cine y Series Blogos De Oro, 2021, Spain

    Best new director, Costafrito | Festival De Cine Español, 2020, Spain

    Best actress, Festival De Cine De Terror De Molins De Rei, 2020, Spain


    THURSDAY 12th // 20:30h

  • Narciso Yepes. Un corazón de diez cuerdas

    Alejandro Rius

    2019 // Spain // 52 min.

    Alejandro, a documentary filmmaker and passionate about the great characters of Spanish culture, science and engineering, especially those who, due to various circumstances, may not have been recognized as they deserve, has decided to investigate and explore all the most relevant episodes and paths of one of the most important characters that Spain has contributed to the world of culture: the Murcian guitarist Narciso Yepes. He intends to recover Narcissus's memory not only as a great guitar player but as an extraordinary man with enormous human qualities, of kindness, simplicity and dedication that are totally unknown. He will explore not only the technical and pedagogical world of Narcissus, but the intimate world of which he has perhaps been the best classical guitar performer that has ever existed.
    This documentary will tour places where it was and where events occurred that marked the life of the artist, knowing and chatting with his family, friends, teachers, colleagues, renowned musicians, composers, pianists, guitarists, concert performers, luthiers, musicologists, and anyone who He was close at some important moment in Narcissus's life.
    From Alejandro's hand, and in a continuous, intimate and poetic conversation with Narcissus, we will discover what this simple and studious man who did not stop working on his guitar and investigate new and endless techniques that would improve the possibilities of sounds of a guitar and its best practice, even during its serious and long illness, and we will see how Narcissus really was through so many testimonies of the people interviewed.

    - Selections:

    L’ Europe Autour De L’ Europe, 2021, France

    Boden International Film Festival, 2021, Sweden

    Arff Barcelona // International Awards, 2021, Spain

    Festival Internazionale Del Cinema Di Salerno, 2020, Italy

    Continental Film Festival, 2020, Canada

    9th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival, 2020, India

    Arff Paris // International Awards, 2020, France

    7th Noida International Film Festival, 2020, India

    ICA - International Cultural Artifact Film Festival, 2019, India

    Madriff • Madrid Indie Film Festival, 2019, Spain

    Near Nazareth Festival, 2019, Israel

    Kinoduel International Film Festival, 2019, Belarus

    Social World Film Festival, 2019, Italy


    FRIDAY 13th // 17:30h

  • Desaparecer

    Gwai Lou

    2020 // Spain // 99 min.

    Disappear is the story of a group of twenty-year-olds who, in their prime, are shattered by a car accident in which one of them dies. All those shards make up a fresco which, in the style of jazz improvisation, aims to portray something as personal and universal as the uncertain passage from youth to adulthood. The moment when you are able to see your life from the other side; in this case, from the other side of the video screen.
    Disappear is an elegy about youth. Life itself is a sort of elegy. The expression "Law of Life" defines it concisely: life hurts, but you don't know that when you're young. It is death that teaches us this.
    At the same time, in this film, I try to explore the different ways of accepting the grief of a generation whose emotional education is built around technology and screens. The first generation that is both an actor and a spectator of itself at the same time.

    - Selections:

    10 FICBC - Festival Internacional De Cinema Em Balneário Camboriú, 2020, Brasil


    FRIDAY 13th // 20:30h

  • Perfect cadeau (OVS)

    Martijn Hullegie

    2020 // Netherlands // 74 min.

    A "behind closed doors" relationship comedy about an awkward reunion dinner for three imperfect siblings, all of them with a hidden agenda. The evening spirals out of control when the woman they all love announces that she is expecting a child, without revealing the identity of her father. The Perfect Gift is an intoxicating cocktail of unrequited love, sibling rivalry, adultery and a whole string of lies, big and small, whose ingredients are stirred to become a bittersweet and toxic poison that the three estranged brothers —And the most important woman in the lives of the three— are forced to swallow during an epic family reunion that goes down the drain. You can hear the beating of cutlery, a pretentious wine is spoiled and dreams and dishes are shattered when the three brothers have no other way out than to face their past mistakes. As the greatest of all family secrets slowly unravels, they are forced to consider a radically different future as well, either together or apart.

    - Selections:

    Thessaloniki IFF - Film Market Films, 2019, Greece

    Festival de Cine de Zaragoza, 2019, Spain

    Florida Comedy Film Festival, 2019, USA

    SCIFF - Scandinavian International Film Festival, 2019, Finland

    - Awards:

    Best Feature: Drama/Comedy - Foreign; The Indie Gathering International Film Festival, 2019, USA

    Winner in the category "Narrative Feature"; Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, 2019, India

    Nomination Best European Dramatic Feature; ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival, 2019, France

    Nomination Best Comedy; Annual CPH Film Festival, 2019, Denmark

    Award of Excellence; Indie FEST Film Awards, 2019, USA


    SATURDAY 14th // 17:30h

  • Albertina (OVS)

    Luiz Fernando F. Machado

    2020 // Brasil // 94 min.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, in the interior of the municipality of Imaruí, in the state of Santa Catarina, a Christian soul was born that persists in believing in human goodness, even in the face of the iniquities of this world. She is Albertina, the daughter of colonists of German Catholic descent, even at a young age, in faith she finds serenity and spiritual comfort. His life is a response and undeniable proposal to the misfortunes and challenges of society at all times. Her charisma and testimony attract the best in human beings, but also the worst.

    - Selections:

    Bct - Festival Nazionale Del Cinema E Della Televisione Di Benevento, 2021, Italy

    Islantilla Cinefórum, 2021, Spain

    Ascendance International Film Festival(aiff), 2021, Canada

    Festival Internacional De Cine Fenavid, 2020, Bolivia

    - Awards:

    Best Feature, Moviescreenpro Film Festival, 2021, USA


    SATURDAY 14th // 20:30h

  • Bir Düş Gördüm (OVS)

    Murat Çeri

    2020 // Turkey // 99 min.

    The main character of this film is an eight-year-old boy named Tarik. Tarik has just survived a terrible car accident, which caused the death of his father and left his mother in a coma. Luckily, Tarik has no memory of the accident, or even of his past life. Fragments of his past remain only in Tarik’s dream. This is why the film is called “I Had a Dream”.
    The main idea of this film is a question, famously asked by the author Leo Tolstoy: “By what does a human live?” Tarik had a great life in the city, but I took it away from him. I took away his home, his father, his mother, and even his memories. I took everything away from him, and pushed him into the unknown. I placed him in an unfamiliar world, making him live in a small village. I wanted to find out: “How will this boy live?” The film begins with a dream, and a story. Looking into the reflections of the lake, Ahmet tells his grandson Tarik the parable of the vicious monster and the young hero Yusuf. The grandfather’s voice tells us the importance of the messages hidden deep inside the story. We know that the dream is true.
    The village has its customs and traditions. Life depends on continuity, and nothing new is welcomed or found acceptable. Tarik is new and the village boys don’t welcome him. Children are sincere in both conflict and friendship. Children are also cruel, especially towards each other. Tarik and some village boys fight. Tarik and his grandparents visit a neighbor whose child was involved in the fight. The neighbor makes them listen to a recording of a story called “The Victories of Ali”. The boys want to play this story, but they cannot agree who will play Ali, so they fight again. In the words of the great poet Sezai Karakoç: “Children at play cannot share the role of Ali. Ali, the hero of the place of the rising sun. Every child wants to be Ali.” So, Tarik fights to be the hero of the play. And because he fights, the village boys decide to let him prove his courage. The first trial they give him is to touch a huge, scary tree called The Snake’s Pine. The village kids believe that a big snake lives in this tree. The second trial is to walk slowly on a path through the cemetery, and never run.
    Tarik will fail if he doesn’t touch the tree, or if he starts running through the cemetery, out of fear or for any other reason. Tarik fails both trials. Nevertheless, since Tarik walks right up to the tree and runs through the cemetery without wetting his pants, they accept him as the hero.

    - Selections:

    Dhaka International Film Festival, 2021, Bangladesh

    Sao Paulo International Film Festival, 2021, Brasil

    Malatya International Film Festival, 2020, Turkey

    - Awards:

    Best cinematography, Scandinavian International Film Festival, 2020, Finland

    Best costume design, Scandinavian International Film Festival, 2020, Finland


    SUNDAY 15th // 17:30h

  • Mathius Marvellous Shop

    Paola Álvarez Peregrina & Manuel Escorihuela Gómez

    2020 // Germany // 94 min.

    Mathius Marvellous Shop is a retro-futuristic comedy recreated in Berlin in the year 420 after the impact of a comet on Earth. This apocalyptic catastrophe destroys the old world, giving birth to a new order where disgregation and prejudices disappeared.
    Mathius is a fashion designer, who will discover a treasure containing still some of the magic proper of the 80'. Spreading in the new world doubts about the "Status Quo", and finding out the actual reasons for "the catastrophe" to happen.

    - Selections:

    Brighton Rocks Film Festival, 2021, United Kingdom

    Santander Festival Internacional De Cine Independiente, Sanfici, 2021, Colombia

    Festival Transterritorial De Cine Undeground, 2020, Argentina

    Festival De Cine De Madrid-PNR, 2020, Spain

    Directed By Women Spain, 2020, Spain

    Portoviejo Film Festival, 2020, Ecuador

    - Awards:

    Best Feature Film, Film Maudit 2.0, 2021, USA

    Third Prize, Bideodromo. International Experimental Film And Video Festival, 2020, Spain

    Audience award, Festival Rizoma - Premio Rizoma De Cine, 2020, Spain

    Honorable Mention, London Rocks, 2020, United Kingdom


    SUNDAY 15th // 20:30h