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    THURSDAY 9th // 19:00h

  • Searching the film

    Enrique García-Vázquez

    2021 // Spain // 97 min.

    A road movie through Spain looking for film. Four young filmmakers discover the keys to understand their generation.

    Enrique García-Vázquez is a filmmaker from Laguna de Duero who defends making films from Castilla y León. He began his career young and directed his first feature film at the age of twenty-three. He strongly believes in cinema as a team art, and forms his own production company Moraleja Films together with his usual trusted team. He defends making films from the perspective of his generation, which is often forgotten or underestimated by the world of "adults".
    Looking for the film (summer 2020) has led to the formation of the production company Moraleja Films, in order to give cinematographic voice to the young people of Castilla y León. The team of about twenty-five years on average has wasted no time and has already produced three other short films: “The Lotus Eaters”, “Fuck you!” and “Maybe tomorrow”.

    - Selections:

    Festival De Cine Global Dominicano, 2022, República Dominicana

    Festival Solidario De La Palma ’todos Con La Palma’, 2021, España

    Premio Rizoma De Cine, 2021, España

    Semana Internacional De Cine De Valladolid - Seminci, 2021, España

    - Awards:

    Etnovideográfica, 2021, España

    Mejor Documental, Festival International De Cinéma Et De Mémoire Commune – Nador, 2021, Marruecos

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    WEDNESDAY 10th // 19:00h

  • Mom I want to be a professional footballer

    Javier Salvador González

    2021 // Spain // 46 min.

    It tells the story of a boy and a girl who train and prepare to be professional players. In addition to knowing their training routines, we will also know what motivates them, who helps them and what options they have to achieve it.
    Only 5 out of every 10,000 members of the federation manage to be professional soccer players. Many boys and girls try to achieve it but the road is not easy and nobody seems to know the formula for success. Through the documentary, and thanks to the testimonies of different soccer professionals, we reveal what steps take you to achieve that goal.
    "Mom, I want to be a professional soccer player" It is a reflection on the importance of being excited about achieving your goals and enjoying their pursuit regardless of whether they are achieved or not.

    Javier Salvador Gonzalez. Producer. Trained in directing, cinematography, editing, post-production, sound and official drone pilot. With more than 30 years of experience in the audiovisual sector.
    Awarded twice at the International Festival of Llanes, recognized for his professional work in the Galician Day Association in Asturias and the multinational Fluor Daniel and with special recognition in La Nueva España for his performance in “Gaita y Tambor” project devised by the famous piper Hevia. Awarded with a Gava for best TV producer.
    He has collaborated on different projects for advertising agencies and on projects for broadcast on the following television channels, TVE, Antena3, Canal +, 13 TV, TPA. He has also offered technical and creative work in different fiction projects, the series Doctor Mateo, and has worked with actors of the stature of Echanove, David Gil, Alonso Caparrós, Hugo de Campos, Javier Cárdenas, among others.

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    THURSDAY 11th // 19:00h

  • Who is Ingrid Bergman?

    Lucina Gil

    2021 // Spain // 99 min.

    The ten year old students from a school in a village of Andalusia are going to learn how to listen to silence, how to speak without words and how to travel to nonexistent places. They are going to learn how to do a film. Who´s Ingrid Bergman? is the shooting of this filming.

    Lucina Gil (Sevilla, SPAIN, 1967) She alternates acting with direction and teaching. In 2003, she began directing short films and documentaries: Cocktail (2003), Among voices (2004), Las Veredas (2006), The happy man (2008 Spanish Academy Award Goya to the best documentary film), Difficult loves (2011 Best film in national and international festivals). Who is Ingrid Bergman? is her last film.

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