• 1 MTH/MIN (2021)

    Ethann Néon

    Belgium // 4 min.

    1 MTH/MIN crosses the spring of 2020 from the author's main view of the outside world during this particular period. Each image represents a 24-hour scan taken every day from March 21 to June 21. Through the frame of a window, the landscape depicts natural phenomena: the flowering of trees, changes in the weather and the extension of daylight until the summer solstice... It is a reflection on space-time in a cinematographic form. From a sedentary point of view, this device explores the film's ability to play with these dimensions by an effective compression of a really long confinement time.

    - Selections:

    Fisura, International Experimental Film and Video Festival (Mexico - June-July 2023)

    IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival (Bulgaria - May-June 2023)

    L’Europe autour de l’Europe - Festival de Film d'Auteur et d'Art de la Grande Europe (FEAE) (France - Mar. 2023)

    Wide Open Experimental Film Festival (USA April 23, 2023)

    Nefiltravanae kino - Short Movie Club Festival (Belarus - Mar. 25, 2023)

    Rencontres Internationales Traverse (France - Mar. 16-Apr. 2, 2023)

    ANIMA - Brussels International Animation Film Festival (Belgium - Feb. 20, 2023)

    Two Short Nights Film Festival (United Kingdom - Feb. 17, 2023)

    Festival Travelling - Festival de cinéma de Rennes Métropole (France - Feb. 9&11, 2023)

    Young Filmmakers Festival Brussels (Belgium - Dec. 11, 2022)

    Afragola International Film Festival of Architecture and Design (Italy - Nov. 23, 2022)

    nodoCCS (Venezuela - Nov. 2022)

    Tatsuno International Film Festival (TIFF) (Japan - Nov. 2022)

    Amarcort Film Festival (Italy - Nov. 23, 2022)

    VASTLAB Experimental (USA - Nov. 4, 2022)

    Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival (USA, Nov. 11, 2022)

    Un festival c'est trop court ! (France - Oct. 9, 2022)

    Ferfilm - International Film Festival (Kosovo - Sept. 2022)

    Dobra - Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental (Brazil - Sept.24, 2022)

    Minikino film week (Indonesia - Sept. 3&8, 2022)

    Festival du Film Court en Armagnac (France - Oct. 22-23, 2022)

    Animafest Cyprus (Cyprus - Aug. 12, 2022)

    Insomnia International Animation Film Festival (Russia - July 2022)

    San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (USA - July 2022)

    Trani Film Festival (TrFF) (Italy - June 24, 2022)

    Festival International du Film d’Animation d'Annecy (France - June 14&17-18, 2022)

    Short Waves Festival (Poland, 2022)

    Animatricks Animation Festival (Finland, May 2022)

    Anifilm - International Festival of Animated Films (Czech Republic, May 2022)

    Festival Tous Courts - Festival International de courts métrages d’Aix et du Pays d’Aix (France - Dec. 3, 2021)

    - Awards:

    Short of the Year Winter Edition (Spain, 2022) - Special Jury Mention

  • The Journey (2022)

    Mateus Rosa

    Brazil // 12 min.

    This film is a mixture of time travel, a documentary, artistic and performance record that expresses my subjective view of the places, people and moments I spent from 2015 to 2018. Filmed on super-8 mm film.

    - Selections:

    Lift-Off Global Network - Sessions 2022

    Inflamável - Festival de Curtas en Super 8 - Florianópolis, Brazil 2022

  • Disparate Fragments Form Patterns (2022)

    Paul Fletcher

    Australia // 4 min.

    A mysterious, intricate but simple sensory journey or moment of reflection. Isolated units or acts of positive action, kindness, interesting forms shapes and colors, while at first may seem like a patchwork of disconnected or even random features, actually find strength as they emerge and are noticed as patterns.

    - Selections:

    MIAF Melbourne International Animation Festival - Australian Showcase October 2022

  • Hugo Villar & Extramuros "El Tercer Hombre" (2022)

    Vittorio Farfan

    Spain-Chile // 2 min.

    Animated video clip for the third man song of the band composed by Poet Hugo Villar & Extramuros. Animated video clip by the filmmaker Vittorio Farfán, where the main premise is the man and his passenger passing through a society oppressed by him.

    - Selections:

    Kiné, Muestra De Cortometrajes Puebla, México 2022

    Flickyy Monthly International Creative Fest, India 2022

    Monfilmfestival, Italia 2022

  • Hipocampo (2022)

    Víctor César Ybazeta

    Peru // 13 min.

    Paita, the oldest port in Peru since colonial times, is an important area for trade in the region and has generated economic wealth for foreign nations in different periods of fishing abundance. Today, its maritime terminal is privatized and fishing is increasingly scarce. Through my mother's photographic archives, my own records, film archives, images created with artificial intelligence, animation and sound experimentation, I build a sensory journey into the future of Paita based on the architectural evidence of the past and the urban and industrial peripheries of the present.

    - Selections:

    3.o Festival del Cinema di Cefalù Selección Oficial - Italy, Palermo (2023)

    3.o Atemporal - Festival Itinerante de Cine Latinoamericano Revoluciones Fílmicas Emergentes - Perú, Trujillo (2023)

    11.o Festival De Cine De Medio Ambiente - Sembrando Cine Selección Oficial - Perú, Lima (2023)

    1.o International Streaming Award Selección Oficial - Italy (2023)

    1.o Circuito De Cine Experimental Y Videoarte Selección Oficial - Colombia, Manizales y Bogotá (2023)

    3.o Cinema4screen Film Festival Selección Oficial - India, Bombay (2023)

    5.o Festival De Cine Amazonía Del Plata Selección Oficial Cortometraje Documental - Argentina, Tigre (2023)

    26.o Festival De Málaga Sección Oficial de Cortometrajes Documentales - España (2023)

    Insomnia International Animation Film Festival (Russia - July 2022)

    Political Feedback Film Festival Selección Oficial - USA (2023)

    5.o Pumpumyachkan Tinkuy Programa AV Experimental - Perú, Cajamarca (2023)

    5.o Festival de Cortometrajes de Piura “Cine Con Chifles” Sección Oficial No Ficción - Perú (2023)

    2.o Festival Hanan Cine Selección Oficial Cortometraje Peruano - Perú, Puno (2022)

    Cine Amazónico Proyección - Perú, Pucallpa (2023)

    Pinus Sessions Proyección - Brazil, São Paulo (2023)

    Ojo Móvil Miradas Alternas - Perú (2022)

    - Awards:

    12.o Festival Internacional De Cine Político Cortometrajes Internacionales Argentina, Buenos Aires (2023)

  • White (2022)

    Keum-Taek Jung

    USA // 3 min.

    “White” is an experimental animation with computer-generated sound. Geometric figures of symbolism are explored through the texture and color of metamorphosis and transformation. The interrelationships between sound and animated images represent an expression of another dimension in time and space. The visual imagery was created by using a digital microscope and a DSLR camera with the technique of frame-by-frame.

    - Selections:

    Animist Tallinn 2023, Tallinn, Estonia (2023)

    the 10th Americas Film Festival NY, New York, USA (2023)

    Insomnia International Animation Film Festival, Moscow, Russia (2023)

    Palm Springs International Animation Festival, Palm Springs, USA (2023)

    Retro Avant Garde Film Festival, Venice, Italy (2023)

    Athens ANIMFEST, Athens, Greece (2023)

    60th Annual Juried Competition, the Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, USA (2023)

    Experimental Film + Video 2023 International Exhibition, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) Museum, Gimpo, South Korea (2023)

    17 Festival Comunicurtas, Campina Grande, Brazil (2022)

    Lisboa Indie Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2022)

    FIA'22 International Animation Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay (2023)

  • Fuego de Mar (2023)

    Jorge M. Rodrigo

    Spain // 3 min.

    Videoclip of the song Fuego de Mar about the endless beauty of dance, of its harmony. Because in dance we find ourselves, because everything around us is part of our world and, at the same time, it is a perfect setting for our steps. The video clip was created for the Costa Rican experimental music band Mimayato. Abel Guier (six-string bass) and Alberto Moreno (double bass) merged their passion for low frequencies and their vision of music to create Mimayato.

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