• Fuchs & Pinguin (2021)

    Dave Lojek & Catharina Hamerle

    Germany // 13 min.

    Dive into the privacy of German couples and experience animal pleasure. Logline: What do German couples talk about in private? How do disputes heat up and how do they reconcile? The filmmakers hold a mirror up to us with a smile based on fictionalized scenes with animal representatives, which were assembled over real life interview snippets. Synopsis: How do German couples communicate in private? What are they arguing about? Is the way to a man’s heart really through his stomach? This docu-fictional hybrid production discusses such questions with the help of authentic interview snippets that were edited under the staged plot. We get an insight into the life of an animal couple, who experience typical everyday situations on behalf of us humans. At first, our fox is emotionally contained, while the penguin lady may get wild as hell. With a wink, the filmmakers hold up a mirror to the audience in the cinema.

    * Spanish Premiere *

    - Selections:

    Tlanchana Fest - Film and Digital Art Festival Metepec, Mexico 2021

    The Short Nights of Berlin, Germany 2021

    International Changing Perspectives Film Festival Istanbul, Turkey 2021

    Landesfilmfestival Berlin / Brandenburg, Germany 2021

    Romance Rules Film Festival – Dubbo, Australia 2021/22

  • Omeyma (2019)

    Marijke De Belie

    Belgium // 2 min.

    A film about friendship and a wondrous dream. Omeyma is Marijke De Belie’s expression of her fascination for hands and voice. Almost by accident we are witness to a conversation between the maker and her subject. The wondrous story which unfolds along the way, frames this beautiful portrait. The friendship between both women manifests itself in the lively game of hands and voice. The lines of the watercolour pencil on wet paper that Marijke De Belie uses to tell the story, give a poetic air to the film.

  • Closet (2020)

    Claire Walka

    Germany // 3 min.

    In a closet a still-life of weird things is fooling around.

    - Selections:

    Open Air Filmfest, Weiterstadt, Germany

    Filmfest Weiterstadt on Tour, Germany

    Filmfest Schleswig Holsten, Kiel/online, Germany

  • Cœur vaillant (2020)

    Caneve Nastasja

    Belgium // 4 min.

    With Dad, it was love in profusion, admiration, warm hands. With Dad, it was absence, glassy eyes and my stomach tied. With Dad, it was ups and downs. With Dad, it was like that.

  • Tengo un sueño recurrente que todas las noches me visita (2020)

    Felipe Rojas Faúndez

    Chile // 8 min.

    An invisible character, a deep masculine voice, a son, tell us a story of his father’s ( Mr. Ulises Silva) disappearance during the dictatorship in Chile. Looking at images of the military coup, burning hundreds of books, and the violent arrests of thousands of people by repressive agents. The character's voice comments on how his life was marked by this events. He is trying to figure out, what his father's last hours was like. Mr. Ulises Silva visits him recurrently in dreams, in a present and absent at the same time, like a ghost or shadow of sorrow.

    - Selections:

    The Filmy Monks Film Festival, 2021, India

    Festival De Cortometrajes La Estrella, 2021, Chile

    Festival Cinemistica, 2020, Spain

    Intermediaciones Muestra De Videoarte Y Video Experimental, 2020, Colombia

    Festival De Cortometrajes Visualízame. Audiovisual & Mujer, 2020, Spain

    Cine En Mi Barrio, 2020, Colombia

    8th Indian Cine Film Festival, Mumbai, 2020, India

  • Human walkers in motion (2020)

    Ethann Néon

    Belgium // 9 min.

    The walk inhabits our being and governs our social space. Side by side or face to face, it implies an exchange. When combining everyone’s specific pace, a hidden harmony arises. Reconnecting with Eadweard Muybridge‘s work, this film projects us into the frenetic rhythm of the steps of fifty walkers.

  • Tremendous Cream (2020)

    Alexei Dmitriev

    Russia // 4 min.

    The AI (reverse-engineered from the works of Robbie Barrat and Eric Groszman) was designed to generate the lyrics and the music for the film. The visuals were edited by the human. The result: man and machine creating a mathematically perfect ‘90s hip-hop music video.

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